Introduction to the guide

About the guide

This is a guide to embedding repositories. The term ‘embedding’ has come to be used frequently in the last few years and has been the organising principle of a number of repository-related projects within universities, many of which have been funded by JISC specifically as embedding projects.

In this guide, embedding means:

  • Working towards a culture among researchers which leads them to view the repository as a natural tool for disseminating their research and for raising their profile, which will in turn increase the volume of actual outputs placed in the repository
  • Ensuring that the repository is seen by both researchers and senior managers as part of the institutional research infrastructure rather than a separate information or data silo and is properly resourced to fulfil that role
  •  Making certain that the process of deposit into the repository forms part of the workflow for research in as seamless a way as possible and avoiding duplication of effort
  • Linking the repository to external systems (such as those of funders) and information sources (e.g. Web of Science), where appropriate
  • Facilitating the search and discovery process to ensure that the repository’s contents are easily found and appropriately linked to other information such as staff profiles

It is not a guide to the issues around establishing repositories, such as choosing software, deciding what the scope of the repository should be or initial advocacy. Many of these topics are covered by material elsewhere on the Repositories Support Project website.

Not every institution will be embedding their repository in all the ways that the term is defined here, and certainly will not be at the same stage as each other in the process. Each institution has its own configuration of systems and processes, and its own history of decision making, as well as having particular strategic priorities and policies. All these will influence the route it takes to embedding its repository.

Using the guide

The guide can be accessed from multiple entry points; each topic can be read separately, though each will have links to other parts of the guide and external references.

In order to provide some overall organisation of the topics, we have provided three scenarios which show some typical embedded configurations. Although there will be variations, we hope these will encompass situations which everyone involved with repositories will recognise as a reasonable approximation to what they are aiming at for their own institution.

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