Self-Assessment Tool

We have included a Self Assessment Tool as part of this guide. It is designed to help HEIs identify the current position of their repository and how easy or otherwise it will be to embed the repository in culture, systems and processes that make up the institution’s management of research outputs. Once completed, it will allow repository managers and other stakeholders to understand the priorities and challenges and focus their plans for change.

Throughout, the self-assessment tool is designed to help repository managers understand how close the institution is to reaching its own goals and priorities, rather than any abstract external standard. In some cases, the institution may choose to set its goals by reference to what other institutions are doing or an external standard, but the self-assessment exercise does not assume that there are definitive right and wrong answers.

In itself, the tool can be a useful catalyst for beginning discussion on how to integrate the repository and a vehicle for engaging those who need to be involved in planning and implementation.

The tool is straightforward but we would welcome feedback on how useful it is in practice – including stories about how you have used it and suggestions for improvement. Please leave your comments below.

Click here to go to the self-assessment tool.

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