FREE RSP Webinar: Advocacy using campaign materials

26th June 2012

Online Webinar


In this free RSP webinar Yvonne Budden, University of Warwick and Misha Jepson, Glyndwr University will discuss advocacy issues and present examples that have brought successful results. 

Yvonne Budden will present on how to market a campaign, while Misha Jepson will demonstrate how to market the repository using social media.

This webinar may be of interest to librarians, grant officers and repository managers. 

*  Photo belongs to Artiii's photostream via Flickr


Time Description More info.
11:00 Yvonne Budden Download
/Access the recorded session
11:25 Misha Jepson – The first document that can be downloaded is Misha's webinar presentation. The second item that can be downloaded is a list with useful social media resources to publicise your repository. Download Download
/Access the recorded session
11:50 Questions  
12:15 Ending time  


For further information contact Nancy Pontika, telephone: 0115 846 7544.

Alternatively, email RSP Support or phone 0845 257 6860.