Common Issues Raised in Advocacy

The RSP has run workshops on Communication Skills for Effective Advocacy where participants have discussed common issues and objections that are raised with them when promoting open access and depositing publications in institutional repositories. This also includes possible arguments for overcoming objections. A record of these discussions has been collected as a resource for repository managers. Click on a link to view more.

I've put my publications elsewhere (e.g. on a personal/departmental webpage)

Everyone can get access to the research they need via their library journal subscription

I haven't got time to deposit

This will affect my book sales – everyone will look at it in repository

I need to publish in high impact journals to further my career

Concerns over quality – loss of peer review

There is confidential/commercially sensitive material in the research

Copyright is too complicated – my publisher won't let me

Undermines traditional journal publishing

I'm already/would prefer to deposit in subject repository

The post print doesn't look as good as the published version. Don't want to put preprint in there