Repositories Take Up and Embedding Projects

Welcome to the JISCrte project

The JISC Repositories: take-up and embedding projects aim to improve institutional services that rely on the repository by enabling take-up of the lessons and benefits from the most successful repository applications, tools and good practice.

JISCrte is funded by the JISC Information Environment Programme 2009-11 and this portfolio of 6 projects aims to contribute to the progress of embedding repositories within academic life in the UK Higher Education (HE) environment. The RSP is responsible for co-ordinating the progress and activities of the JISCrte projects and guiding the dissemination and co-ordination of their findings.

Repositories involved in this project are:

Events attended and project presentations:

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MIRAGE presentations:

MIRAGE publishedp apers

Dora/Explorer Presentations:

eNova Presentations:


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GSA (RADAR) Presentations:

NECTAR Presentations

Quotes on JISCrte presentations (from the Fringe)

"The first session of the day was a set of presentations on the the JISC Repositories Takeup and Embedding programme. The presenters all gave good presentations about the wide range of projects which fall under this umbrella programme but the session was stolen by the final presentation. This was delivered by Robin Burgess from Glasgow School of Art, who SANG A SONG. That's right, a repository takeup and embedding song."



  • Final report
  • End of project seminar/event.This event will report on the results of JISCrte and demonstrate project outcomes. The seminar should attract a wide range of attendees, including repository managers, librarians, researchers, and research managers. It will be held on 10th February in Nottingham - click here for further details.


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