Case studies

These repository case studies were created by repository managers and initially intended to inform discussion at the Repository Managers Reception, part of the Open Repositories 2008 conference.

Please note that these case studies arrived in various formats, were converted to PDF and subsequently converted to Web pages so errors or omissions are possible! Please let us know if you find any problems!

Case Studies Listing

United Kingdom

DSpace@Cambridge Case History [HTML] [PDF] University of Cambridge Elin Strangeland
ePubs: an Institional Repository for Large-Scale Experimental Facilities [HTML] [PDF] CCLRC Linda Gilbert, Catherine Jones and Brian Matthews
Cranfield CERES Case History [HTML] [PDF] Cranfield University Mary Betts-Gray and John Harrington
Enlighten Case History [HTML] [PDF] Glasgow University Morag Greig and William J. Nixon
Jorum Repository Case Study: Business Models and IPR Arrangements for Adopting an Open Access Service [PDF] (National Higher Education Teaching Community)John Casey
White Rose Research Online: A Case History [PDF] Universities of Leeds, York and Sheffied Rachel Proudfoot
NECTAR: Northampton Electronic Collection of Theses and Research [PDF] University of Northampton Miggie Pickton
Case Study: Oxford University Research Archive (ORA) [PDF] University of Oxford Sally Rumsey
Case History: University of Southampton, e-Prints, SOTON [HTML] [PDF] University of Southampton Wendy White
ECS EPrints: A School Repository [HTML] [PDF] University of Southampton Leslie Carr
Repository Case History: University of Strathclyde Strathprints [HTML] [PDF] University of Strathclyde Alan Dawson and Alan Slevin
A Brief History of Surrey Scholarship Online (SSOL) [PDF] University of Surrey Christine Daoutis

Rest of Europe

An International Repository for Library and Information Science: the experience of E-LIS [HTML] [PDF] (Library and Information Science Community) Imma Subirats and Antonella De Robbio
The New EUR Institutional Repository: A Case History [HTML] [PDF] Erasmus University Peter van Huisstede
RepositóriUM Case History [PDF] University of Minho Eloy Rodrigues and Ricardo Saraiva
Both sides of the Green Road to Open Access: Institutional and Disciplinary Repository at Saarland University and State Library [PDF] University of Saarland Ulrich Herb and Müller Matthias
Case Story: CRIS/OAR synergy at The Technical University of Denmark [HTML] [PDF] Technical University of Denmark Mikæl K. Elbæk and Alfred Heller
The Case of "Eureka!": The Institutional Repository of Alexander Technological Education Institution of Thessaloniki, Greece [HTML] [PDF] Technological Education Institution of Thessaloniki Elisa Makridou and Mersini Moreleli-Cacouris
Managing Digital Content at the National Distancia Education University of Spain (UNED) [HTML] [PDF] National Distancia Education University Luis Zorita and Alicia López Medina

North America

California Digital Library eScholarship Repository Case History [HTML] [PDF] University of California Catherine Mitchel
Case History - Smithsonian Digital Repository [HTML] [PDF] Smithsonian Alvin Hutchinson
Repository History - Tufts University [HTML] [PDF] Tufts University Anne Sauer and Deborah Kaplan
The University of Virginia Library Digital Colletions Repository Case History [HTML] [PDF] University of Virginia Leslie Johnston