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  • Managerial WTE: 0.1
  • Administrative WTE: 1
  • Technical WTE: 0
  • Total WTE: 1.1
  • Number of individual staff that work on repository whole or part time: 3
  • Core repository team or staff distributed throughout different departments: All are part of core repository team (2 are current PhD researchers within different departments at the College)
  • Membership to UKCoRR: Some staff are members


  • Level of mediated deposit: Partially - people other than repository staff (e.g departmental admin, researchers) create records and then these are checked by repository staff. Some proficient users are allocated the ability to move their entries to the live repository. Items can be retired from the repository or returned to depositors for amendment if necessary.
  • Accept metadata records or full-text only: Also accept metadata only records
  • Percentage full-text: 20.6%
  • Currently have institutional policy / mandate: No. But we promote OA
  • Currently have preservation policy for repository: Yes
  • Content types included in repository:

Research articles, Learning resources, Conference papers, Books, Multimedia (images, video, sound), Software, Theses, Unpublished works, Other: Exhibition Catalogue, Art Objects, Grey Literature, Patents.

  • Quality assurance policy for research content: We accept peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed materials. Heads of Academic Departments have an overview of repository content. The remit for GRO is that it represents research at Goldsmiths in the widest possible sense.
  • Currently have e-theses deposit policy: Yes
  • E-theses policy is opt-out (i.e. the thesis will be made OA unless the student requests an exception): Yes

Institutional context

  • Department with lead responsibility for repository: Library. With close links to the Research Office.
  • Integration / plan for integration with research management systems: No plans at the moment
  • Commercial CRIS system: No
  • Which one?: N/A
  • Bids for external funding: GRO has participated in JISC-funded projects LIFE2, R4R, MICE and KAPTUR. We are members of SHERPA-LEAP and Kultivate groups and specialise in the representation of creative research from the arts and social sciences.
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