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NERC (Natural Environment Research Council)



  • Managerial WTE: 0.1
  • Administrative WTE: 1
  • Technical WTE: 0.1
  • Total WTE: 1.2
  • Number of individual staff that work on repository whole or part time: 4
  • Core repository team or staff distributed throughout different departments: Some are located in other departments
  • Membership to UKCoRR: Some staff are members


  • Level of mediated deposit: Partially - people other than repository staff (e.g departmental admin, researchers) create records and then these are checked by repository staff. Mixture of self deposit (encouraged) plus library staff creating records and metadata (much retrospective deposit is in progress)
  • Accept metadata records or full-text only: Also accept metadata only records
  • Percentage full-text: 40%
  • Currently have institutional policy / mandate: Yes. NERC (and by default RCUK) has mandated that from 1st October 2006, an electronic copy of any published peer-reviewed paper, supported in whole or in part by NERC-funding must be deposited, at the earliest opportunity, in an e-repository.
  • Currently have preservation policy for repository: Yes. Records are retained forever
  • Content types included in repository: Research articles, Conference papers, Books, Multimedia (images, video, sound), Theses, Unpublished works, Research reports, Policy documents, Scientific posters, Annual reports
  • Quality assurance policy for research content: We accept peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed materials. Dependent on, for example, publisher policy on what fulltext papers can be added. Material for public consumption (e.g. annual reports) are also included.
  • Currently have e-theses deposit policy: No
  • E-theses policy is opt-out (i.e. the thesis will be made OA unless the student requests an exception): No

Institutional context

  • Department with lead responsibility for repository: Library
  • Integration / plan for integration with research management systems: Partially - in the process of implementing this. Integrated into annual research outputs exercise, for example, and is being developed further with the launch of a publications workflow module that will operate and collect information from within the repository.
  • Bids for external funding: No
  • More about the repository: Three research centres input into the repository and the aim has to been to provide a single integrated and agreed policy on deposit, not always successful as there are local needs that sometimes override the corporate approach.

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