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OpenAIRE Tutorial - Claim EC_ERC FP7 Publications in OpenAIRE

Why Claiming EC_ERC FP7 Publications is Important for Your Institution

Repository Managers are in a position to help their institutions’ authors meet the requirements for publications funded under the EC Framework 7 & the European Research Council. Repository Managers can help to identify articles and ensure their harvesting by OpenAIRE.


This tutorial has been developed to help you to claim publications on the OpenAIRE website. To claim publications you need to help the OpenAIRE project locate them, and then subsequently confirm them on the website.


  1. The European Research Council requires that all peer reviewed publications from ERC-funded research projects be deposited into repositories, and made Open Access within 6 months of publication.
  2. The European Commission requires Open Access to peer reviewed research articles for FP7 projects, within 6-12 months of publication; the EC requires that articles be deposited into an institutional or subject-based repository. Special Clause 39 applies specifically to the following thematic areas: “HEALTH”, “ENERGY”, "ENVIRONMENT (INCLUDING CLIMATE CHANGE)", "INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES" (CHALLENGE 2), "SOCIOECONOMIC SCIENCES AND THE HUMANITIES", "RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURES" (E-INFRASTRUCTURES), and "SCIENCE IN SOCIETY"
  3. Repository managers should confirm that FP7 publications are deposited in their Institutional Repositories. If they are not, repository managers should contact authors alerting them to the importance of depositing publications from ERC-EC FP7 funded research projects into repositories.

More information is available here:

Identify publications in the Web of Science database

If you already have the project reference/ grant number go directly to step g)
  • a) Identify a project.

Click on

  • b) Click on 'Advanced Search
  • c) Click on Only Projects tab
  • d) Click on Filter by
1. Project Date. Click on Start date between: 2008-08-01
-> Projects with Special Clause 39 have a grant agreement signed after August 2008
2. In the Framework Programmes box click on Seventh Framework Programme
3. Choose a thematic area
4. Choose the country of the Project Coordinator only
5. Click on Search
  • e) In the results list select the project
  • f) Identify and copy the grant number: Project Reference
  • g) Click on
  • h) In the dropdown list choose: Access to Web of Knowledge
  • i) Click on GO
If you do not have a subscription, please, apply for a free trial.
If you want to save searches and set up an alert, please, Sign In/Register before.
  • j) Click on Web of Science tab
  • k) Select Advance Search
->Use Field Tag : FG (Grant Number)
  • l) Identify the project’s publications:
1. Use the Field tag FG. Example:FG=248828
2. Reduce the time period From 2008 to 2011
-> Projects with Special Clause 39 have a grant agreement signed after August 2008
3. Use all the databases already selected
4. Search all languages as well as all document types
5. Click on Search
-> Repeat these steps for each project reference
  • m) Set up an alert
1. Click on Back to my results
2. Click on Search History
-> You have to have signed in to create an alert
3. Click on Save History/Create Alert
-> Fill in the form: History name; Check the box on Send Me E-mail Alerts; Choose on Alert Type – Full Record
4. Click on Save

Claim Publications in OpenAIRE

  • a) Access the OpenAIRE website:
  • b) In Sign In box click on create an account
  • c) Insert your username and password
  • d) Click on Deposit Publications
  • e) Click on Claim Publications
  • f) Insert the Project title or the acronym or the grant agreement number
-> Suggestion: Use the grant agreement number (project reference)
  • g) Select the project
  • h) Click on Add Project
-> After you have added a project you have to proceed to the next step because if you add another project, these two project names will appear together in the publication register.
  • i) Click on Proceed
  • j) Copy and paste, from ISI Web of Science, the publication DOI
  • k) Choose the source: DOI
-> If the publication does not have a DOI you can try the title and the author name. Choose Open Access Publications as source
  • l) Click on Identify
  • m) Click on Select (To add the publication to the project)
-> If the project has more publications you can identify and select all of them on in this step
  • n) Click on Proceed
  • o) Select access rights
-> If publications that you have previously claimed appear at this time from other projects, delete them before you claim the new publication.
  • p) Click on Finish


If you have questions about this process please contact

  • Willow Fuchs

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