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Updated 21 March 2013


  • Number of responses total: 94
  • What software do you use (Please tick all that you use)?
  • Software Used: (2 institutions used 2 different types)
Open Repository65.94%
Digital Commons10.99%
TOTAL responses10199.99%


  • Please indicate the WTE (Whole time equivalent) dedicated to the three listed aspects of repository work. So for example if you have half a day a week of a technical officer that would be 0.1. (These staff do not necessarily have to be members of the core repository team).
  • WTE:
Managerial WTEAverage: 0.94 WTE
Administrative WTEAverage: 1.29 WTE
Technical WTEAverage: 0.29 WTE
TOTAL WTEAverage: 2.52 WTE
TOTAL responses86
  • Please indicate the total number of individual staff who work on the repository either part or whole time.(These staff do not necessarily have to be members of the core repository team).
Total # of individuals working on repositoryAverage: 5.11Mode: 2
TOTAL responses89 
  • Are all the staff working on the repository part of the core repository team or are some located in other departments?
All are part of core respository team3034.1%
Some are located in other departments5865.9%
TOTAL responses88
  • Is anyone in the team a member of the United Kingdom Council of Research Repositories? UKCoRR is the professional organisation for UK repository staff and further information can be found at
All staff are members1415.7%
Some staff are members6471.9%
No staff are members55.6%
Don't know66.7%
TOTAL responses89


  • What level of mediated deposit do you provide? This question relates to the amount of help or mediation provided and is defined as below. Please choose the predominant practice at your institution. If there is no predominant practice, please choose the last option.
  • Fully - repository staff create records, add all the metadata, check copyright and upload full text where appropriate
  • Partially - people other than repository staff (e.g departmental administrators, researchers) create records and then these are checked by repository staff (e.g. checking copyright)
  • None - people other than repository staff create records and make them live
Level of mediation varies according to department2022.5%
TOTAL responses89
  • Is your repository full-text only or do you also accept metadata only records?
Full-text only2123.9%
Metadata only and full-text6776.1%
TOTAL responses88
  • Percentage full-text in all repositories:

NOTE: Keep in mind this is the percentage of full-text items as a proportion of the total records in the repository and not the percentage of full text as a proportion of all research output produced by the institution. So, for example, if the repository only accepts full text items, that would be 100%.

Average across all institutions50.8%(88 responses)
  • Percentage full-text in repositories restricted to those that accept metadata only items:
Average across these institutions26.47%(61 responses)
  • Does your institution have a policy or mandate which requires researchers to add their publications to the repository?
TOTAL responses89
  • Do you have a Preservation Policy for your repository?:
TOTAL responses84
  • What types of content do you include in your repository?
Research articles89100%
Learning resources1618%
Conference papers8797.8%
Multimedia (images, video, sound)6674.2%
Unpublished works6269.7%
TOTAL responses89
  • What is your policy on quality assurance of the research content in your repository?
We only accept peer reviewed materials1011.6%
We accept peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed materials7688.4%
TOTAL responses86
  • Do you have a policy for depositing eTheses?
TOTAL responses89
  • Is your eTheses policy opt out (i.e. the thesis will be made open access unless the student requests an exception)?
TOTAL responses72

Institutional context

  • Which department has lead responsibility for the repository?
Research office22.12%
IT Department00%
Other (includes joint lead, particular school, etc.)1515.97%
TOTAL responses94
  • Is your repository integrated at all with university research management systems?
Already integrated1214.6%
Partially - in the process of implementation2631.7%
Planned but not in progress2429.3%
No plans at the moment2024.4%
TOTAL responses82

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