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  • Managerial WTE: 1
  • Administrative WTE: 0.5
  • Technical WTE: 0
  • Total WTE: 1.5
  • Number of individual staff that work on repository whole or part time: 2
  • Core repository team or staff distributed throughout different departments: All are part of core repository team
  • Membership to UKCoRR: All staff are members


  • Level of mediated deposit: Level varies according to department. Researchers submit their research either to us by email or upload themselves. We check metadata, Associate Deans of Research for each College then check the content before we then check copyright and again the metadata before going live.
  • Accept metadata records or full-text only: Also accept metadata only records
  • Percentage full-text: 36%
  • Currently have institutional policy / mandate: Yes
  • Currently have preservation policy for repository: Yes.

UAL Research Online follows current best practice regarding preservation. UAL Research Online regularly has a full weekly backup to tape using Commvault Galaxy. Items may be removed at the request of the depositor or if a complaint is upheld. Acceptable reasons for withdrawal include:

  1. Journal publishers' rules
  2. Proven copyright violation or plagiarism
  3. Legal requirements and proven violations
  4. National Security.

Withdrawn items are not deleted per se, but are removed from public view. Withdrawn items' identifiers/URLs are retained transiently. URLs will continue to point to 'tombstone' citations, to avoid broken links and to retain item histories, with:

  1. a link to a replacement version, where available
  2. a note explaining the reasons for withdrawal.

The metadata of withdrawn items will not be searchable. If necessary, an updated version may be deposited. The item's persistent URL will always link to the latest version. There will be links between earlier and later versions, with the most recent version clearly identified. In the event of UAL Research Online being closed down, every effort will be made to transfer the data to another appropriate archive within the University.

  • Content types included in repository: Research articles, Datasets, Conference papers, Books, Multimedia (images, video, sound), Software, Theses, Unpublished works. Others include: Photographs, Websites, Bibliographic references, Workshop papers, Dissertations, Unpublished reports and working papers, Book chapters and sections, and Patents
  • Quality assurance policy for research content: We accept peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed materials.
  • Currently have e-theses deposit policy: Yes
  • E-theses policy is opt-out (i.e. the thesis will be made OA unless the student requests an exception): no

Institutional context

  • Department with lead responsibility for repository: Library
  • Integration / plan for integration with research management systems: Yearly audit of research staff requires outputs to be deposited (metadata only) in UAL Research Online.
  • Commercial CRIS system:
  • Which one?:
  • Bids for external funding: Yes - JISC Kultur Project
  • More about the repository: Our Subject Specialisms in the Repository are:
  • Visual Arts
  • Design
  • Media and Communication
  • Fashion
  • Architecture: History, Theory & Practice
  • Art Theory & Practice
  • Cultural Policy, Arts management and the creative industries
  • Dance Studies
  • Sound
  • Conservation
  • Pedagogy
  • Journalism
  • Performance, Drama and Theatre Studies

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