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This section enables software developers to provide details of their products under a series of standard headings. These entries are moderated to ensure site-wide consistency and balance.

The following products can be mounted on your own servers and customised accordingly. The developers and/or third parties may also offer outsourced services based on these products (see also Service Providers).

Commercial digital collection management software from OCLC.
Commercial product from ExLibris, running on Oracle platforms. This may be of interest to institutions already using other ExLibris products.
Vying with EPrints to be the market leader worldwide, this Open Source product is currently the second most popular choice in the UK (23-Jul-2007).
From the University of Southampton, at the time of writing, this Open Source package is the clear market leader in the UK (23-Jul-2007).
Fedora is an Open Source repository tool kit, rather than an out-of-the-box product. The need to add your own interface has inhibited its take-up. However, the following add-ons do provide user interfaces:
Fez is a PHP/MySQL front end to the fedora repository software. It is developed by the University of Queensland Library.
A commercial offering from VTLS Inc.
Multilingual Open Source repository software from the New Zealand Digital Library Projects based at the University of Waikato. No known users in the UK (23-Jul-2007).

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